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The Scotfamtree Mission Statement
We are Scotland's Family Tree (SFT)
The Friendly Forum with the Scottish Heart.
Who Are We?
We are a team of individuals from Scotland and around the world with a passion in researching Scottish related family history. Scots have ventured far and wide across the globe and there are few places or people without a Scottish influence. What's your connection? How have you been influenced by the Scots or Scotland?
Why Do We Do It?
We contribute to Scotland's Family Tree because we love family history and we would love to help you, and in return, have you contribute to building Scottish links around the world.
Why Join Us?
The SFT Team has a long and extensive experience in researching all things family history. We can help you find your ancestor in Scotland. We can help you find your Scottish family if they left for pastures new, either in the British Isles or further afield.

Latest News
Next GROS Visit is March
Posted By: bitza @ Mar 2 2015, 07:36 PM
Our next visit it GROS will be 10th March, so if you are needing a Birth, Marriage or Death checked out let us know. Don't forget we can also check out Wills, Soldiers Wills and Valuation Rolls. Charges apply. ... [more]
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Scotfamtree Look-Ups
Onsite Look-Ups:
There are many look-ups available to subscribers which require only a post request. A name and perhaps a few details can uncover those long lost relatives. Yours for the asking as a Scotfamtree subscriber
Research Look-Ups:
At SFT we can go the extra mile in helping you forward your research. We regularly visit the major archives in Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you provide us with the details, then for a small fee we will search the archives on your behalf. Further details in the SFT Look-Ups section.